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The Best Way To Use A Computer

If you’re a Windows user and you’re having problems with it getting slow and sluggish, then cleaning it out might be a great option.  It’s rather common for a computer to slow down over time due to the buildup of lots of extra files, folders, and other junk.

I always try to give people tips on how to properly use their computers, and the first things I tell them are to not install any programs unless you absolutely must (this includes plugins and junk for your internet browser), and to not download lots of junk if they don’t really need it.  The more junk you download, the slower your computer will get.  It won’t be noticeable until your computer starts getting full if you’re just downloading music, but downloading software runs the risk of getting viruses and other spyware/malware that might piggyback on with legitimate software.  One of the biggest offenders that I run into all the time is the way that McAffee Antivirus tries to piggyback on with Adobe software such as Flash and Reader.  I absolutely hate this, and I think Adobe is tarnishing their image by allowing this.

But I digress.  The best way to really use a computer is to try to keep it as lean as possible.  This means no programs unless you have to, and only downloading things from legitimate sources and websites.

Another great thing that you can do is to regularly clear your computer of junk files and folders that will tend to build up over time.  You can use a software tool such as RegCure Pro or CCleaner to really do a thorough job.  You probably couldn’t do what these programs do manually and it would take too long anyway.  You can check out this post for more information on these types of programs.

I also tell all of my friends to back up their computer all the time.  No joke.  I’ve had too many hard drives crash on me to not do it anymore.  If I haven’t done it in a while, I get nervous.  If you’re super lazy and you don’t mind spending about $5 a month, you can get a subscription to Backblaze, which will really help you out by completely automating your backup and storing it off-site in their cloud storage.  It’s pretty foolproof if you ask me, and the easiest way to back up for lazy people.